Back to School Time

With Labor Day looming on the calendar like finals week, it could only mean one thing: It’s time to go back to school. I’m a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (yes, still an undergraduate), and today I visited the U for the first time in a few months.

I started out this journey by taking a bus that looks like a cable car to the next city over to get on a real bus, which then makes its way through downtown Minneapolis and eventually the UMN campus. Even the bus driver admitted the cable car shuttles are annoying, but they sure do look cool!

SouthWest Transit cable car bus in Chanhassen, Minnesota
Interior of the cable car bus

I got off the bus at the student union, Coffman Memorial Union, and took some photos inside and outside.

UMN’s main bookstore and a Starbucks
A chair sitting on the campus’s lawn (I wish they left these out for more than a couple weeks)
Coffman Memorial Union

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