The Metro Green Line During a Snowstorm at the University of Minnesota

I took this photo yesterday (February 5, 2019) with my Motorola Moto G6. As I was looking at the photo today, I realized it was a good enough photo for this blog.

Yesterday was a beautiful snowy day in Minneapolis. The Metro Green Line, a light rail line, provided the perfect foreground subject against the backdrop of the East Bank’s buildings.

The Metro Green Line moves through snow at the University of Minnesota’s East Bank

My Mom Gets a Fancy Kaleidoscope for Her 60th Birthday

For my mom’s 60th birthday, I got her this kaleidoscope. We just received it from Amazon (this was also our first package shipped by Amazon). It’s a solidly built product. She really likes it and was surprised to receive it because I had told her I wasn’t getting her a kaleidoscope.

My mom looks through the kaleidoscope
One of an infinite number of patterns when looking through the kaleidoscope