Your Old Beanie Babies Could Be Worth Nothing!

The clickbait title for this post reflects the reality of the Beanie Baby market in 2018. I’ve come across articles for childhood toys (usually as sponsored links at the bottom of legitimate articles) that claim you could have a fortune sitting in your closet. Beanie Babies are one example.

Do you have the first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone like me? It’s probably not worth thousands of dollars, like some clickbait headlines claim. Collectors are really only after the first printings of the Harry Potter books. Mine is somewhere in the 30s and probably worth less than a hundred bucks.

But here I am, trying to make a few bucks on eBay and see what happens with several Beanie Babies. Here are two I photographed today. The first is an otter that has a manufacturer’s “tush” tag that was supposed to be removed. Underneath is an early-batch iguana that has the tags for a chameleon.

I’ll be lucky if I get $5 for them.

“Seaweed” Beanie Baby
“Rainbow” Beanie Baby (mislabeled)

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